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Emily Dickinson?

September 12, 2009

3rd of September, 2009

I got the poetry book I was supposed to get before today, and I was reading about Emily Dickinson so today I learned a bit about her life. It’s so interesting. She liked to keep to herself most of the time, and she was quite philosophical. I never knew anything about her and I never read a poem of hers, but I liked the ones I read today. The rhythm of her poems are like the poems I write. We’re one in the same. Kidding, but I do like her. We’re quite similar in some ways from what I read.


Oh, I need you so.

September 8, 2009

21st of July, 2009

I am so unhealthily addicted to the internet (and television). Less than 48 hours without either has really taken it’s toll on me. I have, quite frankly, gone a little mad. To avoid the worst, I started reading, though, and writing. That’s a good thing.
So what did I learn today? I learned that reading really is better than watching television. It’s not just a lie they tell you in school. From an aspiring writer’s point of view, it really gets your brain juices flowing. I know what you’re thinking, an aspiring writer who doesn’t read books? Well, I do read books, just not very often. I have dozens of books on my shelf that I simply abandoned halfway through. Not for any particular reason, either. They were all enjoyable to say the least, I just lose interest in things like that quite quickly. I always make plans to pick them up where I left off but I never get around to it. I’m much more of a film fanatic than a book… worm. However, I did pick up a really interesting book again that I bought roughly 2 years ago and stopped reading after about 80 pages. I kind of forgot to keep reading because it’s not the type of book like a work of fiction that you can’t put down. It’s more like a diary, and since there’s no rivetting storyline you know that there’s no big twist or anything of a similar novel-style nature coming up so you feel happy to leave it at Day 40 and then pick it up again a week later and continue reading. Unfortunately, that week turned into a month, and then months, in my case. I’m a bad person. By the way, the book is called The Year Of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. It’s about the year that the author spent trying to live exactly by the bible. He has to follow all the rules as they are written, even the ones that we in our modern culture have altered to suit ourselves and our convenience (for example “Thou shalt not wear mixed fibres” – are you wearing a t-shirt that’s X% cotton, X% polyester? Yeah, shame on you). Even if you’re not into the whole religion scene you would still enjoy the book. I’m not and I love it. It’s so interesting. Look at me, I’m plugging this book like there’s no tomorrow. If after people read this entry the sales of that book go up, then I deserve some sort of… What’s it called when a singer gets money everytime their song is used in a film or an advertisement or something? Well, that’s the word that should finish that sentence. God, I’m a terrible writer.
Oh, and I also learned that it’s really not all that nice to be completely cut off from civilisation (who’d a thunk it?). It’s easy to get very lonely very fast. No phone, no internet. So, you should appreciate the people around you even if they get on your tits! (You may think that last sentence was in bad taste, but it was between nerves and tits. Tits won.)

The Year Of Living Bibliccally – A.J. Jacobs:
Enjoy 🙂