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Funny People

September 12, 2009

28th of August, 2009
Day 2 outside the bedroom. Uncool. I went over to our neighbors (all the houses are the same in this estate) who I’d never met before and explained my woeful story, and asked if I could check if any of the keys in their doors would fit my bedroom lock? Maybe the corresponding bedroom in their house? They were really nice about it, but no luck. They couldn’t find half the door keys, sadly. The lady of the house explained that they had taken they keys out of most of the doors in case one of the kids might lock themselves in or what not. I wish my mother had taken my keys off me, then I wouldn’t be in this lil’ pickle. Oh well, it makes for full “Something New” entries, however dull the subject may be.
What I learned today, however, is that Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler used to be room-mates (or is it roomates?). I saw Funny People today. I really liked it. I love all the main characters, and there were some great laughs. I saw a review on Teletext that only gave it 2 stars and a bad review. It may not have been what the reviewer was expecting (probably a more Superbad/Pineapple Express (LOVE THEM) type of film that’s jam-packed with one-liners) but that doesn’t mean it was bad. It wasn’t. I’d see it again. I’ll probably buy it someday, anyway. I want to own the full Apatow collection. I’m not even sure if you can get things like Undeclared on DVD, but I’ll get everything else. I will. You’d think I’d have more exciting plans for any money I make in the future. Well, I do. I want to go to America. I want to live outside of Ireland for a few years. I want to give to charity. I want to treat my Mum. If I ever came into a lot of money, I’d give it to my Mum. She needs it more than I do. I just want enough money to live comfortabley, and I know even that is a lot to hope for. I’m optimistic, though! Don’t begrudge me my optimism, readers. I’m not being cocky or over confident. I’m just taking advantage of the fact that the world hasn’t killed my spirit just yet!

Taking breaks is vital!

September 12, 2009

26th of August, 2009
Today I learned why it’s important to take breaks when studying. It’s because during a learning session you remember the first thing you learned and the last thing best, so if you’re doing 2 hour long study sessions then it’s a waste of time because you won’t remember half the information in the middle as well as you remember the first and last parts. If you study at 20 minute sessions then you’ll probably remember most of it. Now for ya. In school when they would tell us to take lots of breaks I always thought this was stupid, or would be stupid for me anyway, because I would go for a break and start watching TV and “forget” about studying, or just find any excuse not to come back to it. If they had explained why we should take them I would have made a more informed decision about studying and homework and such. Why is after school study 2-3 hours long, then? If you’re just doing homework then it’s alright, but if you’re trying to study for a big test it’s pointless because you’re not allowed to take breaks. They’re going about it all the wrong way.
I learned this, and much more, from a book belonging to my mother called Make the Most Of Your Mind. It’s really interesting. It teaches you how your brain works and how to improve your memory. That reminds me of another really cool thing I learned from it. There is, or was, a Russian known to us only by the name “S” who had the most amazing memory a human has ever had according to records. He could remember everything. If you asked him what happened on the 26th of August 14 years ago he would pause for a moment and simply reply “At what time?”. Amazing, isn’t it! It’s really exciting. It really expresses some of our brains unknown potential, doesn’t it?
Ah, and yet another thing. You know when people have a near death experience they say that their life “flashed before their eyes”? When you hear that you think that they thought of their kids and families and stuff, and maybe the important events that really stick out in their memories, right? Well, I shit you not, people have reported quite literally seeing their ENTIRE LIFE flash before their eyes. Everything, absolutely everything. They reported it because they thought there was something wrong with them. This opens to door to the possibility that maybe we remember everything we see, learn, hear, meet… experience. We just don’t know that it’s hidden in our memory somewhere. How cool is that?!

I hope you’re not one of the 15%! (and hairy ladies)

September 11, 2009

10th of August, 2009
15% of people asked in a Fitness Survey said that if the remote control for the television was lost or broken, they would sooner watch shows that they didn’t like on the channel it was stuck on, rather than get up of their fat arses and change the channel manually. Are they having a laugh? That’s ridiculous! I know it’s only 15%, and I don’t know how many people were surveyed in total, but still! Nobody should think like that! I know I watch a crazy amount of television myself but these people seriously need to get up off their holes and go for a jog. God almighty. I’m actually really annoyed by this.

Another thing I learned today, that also annoys me, is that women these days have more facial hair as a result of hormones in foods such as milk and chicken. Thanks alot, whoever’s responsible for this. I eat chicken nearly every day and milk is one of my favourite drinks. I’d really prefer not to have a beard when I’m 30, though. I’m screwed. I shall be the bearded lady.

Justin Trousersneck.

September 11, 2009

9th of August, 2009
This is a great one. Let’s say you’re out shopping and you see a pair of trousers you like but you don’t have time to try them on? Well, FEAR NOT! All you have to do is wrap the waist of the pants around your neck. If they wrap comfortabley around your neck, they’ll fit your waist. I know, I know, crazy isn’t it? I learned this on Big Brothers Little Brother today.

Danny McBride ♥

September 11, 2009

4th of August, 2009
Today I learnt that a police officer doesn’t have to tell you they’re an officer if you ask them, even though Danny McBride said they did in Land of The Lost. Oh well.

(Also, Happy Birthday to my dog, Sniff, who my Dad gave away. That anus.)

The Usual Suspects

September 11, 2009

2nd of August, 2009
I watched The Usual Suspects for the first time tonight and I realised (well, my friend pointed out to me) that that great sketch on Saturday Night Live called “Andy’s Excuse” was from that. I won’t spoil anything, but if you’ve seen both then you know what I’m talking about.
That was a good movie.

Oh, I need you so.

September 8, 2009

21st of July, 2009

I am so unhealthily addicted to the internet (and television). Less than 48 hours without either has really taken it’s toll on me. I have, quite frankly, gone a little mad. To avoid the worst, I started reading, though, and writing. That’s a good thing.
So what did I learn today? I learned that reading really is better than watching television. It’s not just a lie they tell you in school. From an aspiring writer’s point of view, it really gets your brain juices flowing. I know what you’re thinking, an aspiring writer who doesn’t read books? Well, I do read books, just not very often. I have dozens of books on my shelf that I simply abandoned halfway through. Not for any particular reason, either. They were all enjoyable to say the least, I just lose interest in things like that quite quickly. I always make plans to pick them up where I left off but I never get around to it. I’m much more of a film fanatic than a book… worm. However, I did pick up a really interesting book again that I bought roughly 2 years ago and stopped reading after about 80 pages. I kind of forgot to keep reading because it’s not the type of book like a work of fiction that you can’t put down. It’s more like a diary, and since there’s no rivetting storyline you know that there’s no big twist or anything of a similar novel-style nature coming up so you feel happy to leave it at Day 40 and then pick it up again a week later and continue reading. Unfortunately, that week turned into a month, and then months, in my case. I’m a bad person. By the way, the book is called The Year Of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. It’s about the year that the author spent trying to live exactly by the bible. He has to follow all the rules as they are written, even the ones that we in our modern culture have altered to suit ourselves and our convenience (for example “Thou shalt not wear mixed fibres” – are you wearing a t-shirt that’s X% cotton, X% polyester? Yeah, shame on you). Even if you’re not into the whole religion scene you would still enjoy the book. I’m not and I love it. It’s so interesting. Look at me, I’m plugging this book like there’s no tomorrow. If after people read this entry the sales of that book go up, then I deserve some sort of… What’s it called when a singer gets money everytime their song is used in a film or an advertisement or something? Well, that’s the word that should finish that sentence. God, I’m a terrible writer.
Oh, and I also learned that it’s really not all that nice to be completely cut off from civilisation (who’d a thunk it?). It’s easy to get very lonely very fast. No phone, no internet. So, you should appreciate the people around you even if they get on your tits! (You may think that last sentence was in bad taste, but it was between nerves and tits. Tits won.)

The Year Of Living Bibliccally – A.J. Jacobs:
Enjoy 🙂