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Tell me why I don’t like Mondays? (well, 1st of September was a Tuesday…)

September 12, 2009

1st of September, 2009
Hmm, let’s see. Today I learned that I’m in 5B, which I’m sure you’re all excited to know. I started back at school today. 5th year, wahey. I learned, or more like I realised, that I’m fairly motivated to do well in school over the next two years. In all honesty, over the first 3 years of my secondary school life I only remember doing homework about 4 or 5 times. I shit you not. I never did a tap of work. The sad thing is that I was well capable of doing really well, too. Without studying at all, I got 5 b’s, 2 c’s and 2 d’s in my Junior Cert. I’m not proud of the d’s, or even the c’s, but I think that’s quite good for not having studied or done any homework on the subjects. The d’s were in Maths and History – my two least favourite subjects – so I was just really happy that I didn’t fail them. Like, pathetically delighted. And then last year I didn’t have to do anything because I was in Transition Year, and I didn’t do the tiny bit of work that I was meant to, either.
Anyway, the reason I think I’m so motivated now is that I’m sick of people thinking I’m thick because I never hand in homework or get brilliant grades, when I’m not. It was a thick move on my part, I know, but I mean if that was the best of my ability then I wouldn’t care but knowing it’s not makes me want to surprise people. I don’t know. I really feed off the approval of others, which isn’t a great thing to be able to say, but at least I’m aware of it.
Oh, you might be wondering what sparked this desire to write all this crap down. I chose to do Honours Maths and my Maths teacher, who never taught me before, was like “What did you get in your Junior Cert?” and when I told her I got a D she told me I wouldn’t be fit for honours, and that it would be too hard for me so I should do pass. Fuck off! Way so be supportive and encouraging, bitch. She’s some breed of wank so she is. She actually told me that it would probably go over my head. Dick.

Finally, on a different note, crocodiles can go for 2 years without eating. Or so I hear.

It’s a lockout and I’m embarassed…

September 12, 2009

27th of August, 2009
Okay kids, todays lesson is a much more humbling one on my part. First of all, I am an idiot, and I am well aware of this. I may try to write like I know a thing or two, but it’s all an illusion. When it comes down to common sense, I’m useless.
Last night I went out on the town, and I locked my bedroom door and took the key with me. Came home, the key is nowhere to be found. When I asked my friends and family if by any chance they had it they all replied “Why the hell did you take your bedroom key with you in the first place?” so I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking, too. I live at home with my Mum and brother and I like to have that little bit of privacy, thank you very much! I’d rather not have people going in and out of my room willy nilly when I’m not around, y’know? So anyway, now I am locked out of my room. I have no clean clothes, no iPod, no DVDs, no books, no charger, no hair dryer or hair straightener. None of that. What’s worse is that the person who I thought I had given my keys to to mind in her bag doesn’t have them. Where the fuck are they?! We went into the place where we were out last night to see if they had found any keys – no luck. We tried every key in the house to see if it would fit the door – no luck. We took off the handle and tried to screwdrive our way outta this mess, no luck. Why am I saying we and our? Anyway, here I am. I slept on the couch last night and it looks like I will tonight, too. Yay.
So the lesson is, don’t take your keys, or anything you don’t want to risk losing, out with you unless it’s absolutely necessary! Especially if you’re going to be drinking. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t be a fool like your Auntie Nadine. I’m sure none of you need telling but whatevs, it was a lesson learned the hard way for me. Now I’m suffering for it.


September 11, 2009

6th of August, 2009
The Wolfe Tones are playing in a small town in Ireland called Westport tonight for the Music Festival they have there. According to my accurate sources, Westport is the first town in Ireland to offer them to the public for free. Lovely of them, isn’t it?