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I stole my sister’s mascara now I’m grounded for a week.

September 12, 2009

4th of September, 2009
You’re supposed to change your mascara every 3 months because it gets ridden with bacteria and you could get eye infections and the like. Crazy.
Also, the reason people die from Carbon Monoxide is because when you inhale the.. thingys.. in Carbon Monoxide you think you’re breathing in Oxygen, but you’re really inhaling things that latch onto your cells and block them so that no Oxygen can’t be carried around your body in your blood so you suffocate. That’s really scary, isn’t it?


Taking breaks is vital!

September 12, 2009

26th of August, 2009
Today I learned why it’s important to take breaks when studying. It’s because during a learning session you remember the first thing you learned and the last thing best, so if you’re doing 2 hour long study sessions then it’s a waste of time because you won’t remember half the information in the middle as well as you remember the first and last parts. If you study at 20 minute sessions then you’ll probably remember most of it. Now for ya. In school when they would tell us to take lots of breaks I always thought this was stupid, or would be stupid for me anyway, because I would go for a break and start watching TV and “forget” about studying, or just find any excuse not to come back to it. If they had explained why we should take them I would have made a more informed decision about studying and homework and such. Why is after school study 2-3 hours long, then? If you’re just doing homework then it’s alright, but if you’re trying to study for a big test it’s pointless because you’re not allowed to take breaks. They’re going about it all the wrong way.
I learned this, and much more, from a book belonging to my mother called Make the Most Of Your Mind. It’s really interesting. It teaches you how your brain works and how to improve your memory. That reminds me of another really cool thing I learned from it. There is, or was, a Russian known to us only by the name “S” who had the most amazing memory a human has ever had according to records. He could remember everything. If you asked him what happened on the 26th of August 14 years ago he would pause for a moment and simply reply “At what time?”. Amazing, isn’t it! It’s really exciting. It really expresses some of our brains unknown potential, doesn’t it?
Ah, and yet another thing. You know when people have a near death experience they say that their life “flashed before their eyes”? When you hear that you think that they thought of their kids and families and stuff, and maybe the important events that really stick out in their memories, right? Well, I shit you not, people have reported quite literally seeing their ENTIRE LIFE flash before their eyes. Everything, absolutely everything. They reported it because they thought there was something wrong with them. This opens to door to the possibility that maybe we remember everything we see, learn, hear, meet… experience. We just don’t know that it’s hidden in our memory somewhere. How cool is that?!