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I hope you’re not one of the 15%! (and hairy ladies)

September 11, 2009

10th of August, 2009
15% of people asked in a Fitness Survey said that if the remote control for the television was lost or broken, they would sooner watch shows that they didn’t like on the channel it was stuck on, rather than get up of their fat arses and change the channel manually. Are they having a laugh? That’s ridiculous! I know it’s only 15%, and I don’t know how many people were surveyed in total, but still! Nobody should think like that! I know I watch a crazy amount of television myself but these people seriously need to get up off their holes and go for a jog. God almighty. I’m actually really annoyed by this.

Another thing I learned today, that also annoys me, is that women these days have more facial hair as a result of hormones in foods such as milk and chicken. Thanks alot, whoever’s responsible for this. I eat chicken nearly every day and milk is one of my favourite drinks. I’d really prefer not to have a beard when I’m 30, though. I’m screwed. I shall be the bearded lady.