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Taking breaks is vital!

September 12, 2009

26th of August, 2009
Today I learned why it’s important to take breaks when studying. It’s because during a learning session you remember the first thing you learned and the last thing best, so if you’re doing 2 hour long study sessions then it’s a waste of time because you won’t remember half the information in the middle as well as you remember the first and last parts. If you study at 20 minute sessions then you’ll probably remember most of it. Now for ya. In school when they would tell us to take lots of breaks I always thought this was stupid, or would be stupid for me anyway, because I would go for a break and start watching TV and “forget” about studying, or just find any excuse not to come back to it. If they had explained why we should take them I would have made a more informed decision about studying and homework and such. Why is after school study 2-3 hours long, then? If you’re just doing homework then it’s alright, but if you’re trying to study for a big test it’s pointless because you’re not allowed to take breaks. They’re going about it all the wrong way.
I learned this, and much more, from a book belonging to my mother called Make the Most Of Your Mind. It’s really interesting. It teaches you how your brain works and how to improve your memory. That reminds me of another really cool thing I learned from it. There is, or was, a Russian known to us only by the name “S” who had the most amazing memory a human has ever had according to records. He could remember everything. If you asked him what happened on the 26th of August 14 years ago he would pause for a moment and simply reply “At what time?”. Amazing, isn’t it! It’s really exciting. It really expresses some of our brains unknown potential, doesn’t it?
Ah, and yet another thing. You know when people have a near death experience they say that their life “flashed before their eyes”? When you hear that you think that they thought of their kids and families and stuff, and maybe the important events that really stick out in their memories, right? Well, I shit you not, people have reported quite literally seeing their ENTIRE LIFE flash before their eyes. Everything, absolutely everything. They reported it because they thought there was something wrong with them. This opens to door to the possibility that maybe we remember everything we see, learn, hear, meet… experience. We just don’t know that it’s hidden in our memory somewhere. How cool is that?!



September 12, 2009

25th of August, 2009
Viagra has been given to tigers to encourage them to mate. Tiger in the bedroom, anyone?

The shark basks, so it does.

September 12, 2009

24th of August, 2009
The basking shark is so called because, wait for it, it basks… in the water… and it’s a shark. Amazing.

I also just learned, literally moments ago, that when it was the norm to keep tortoises as pets, the majority that were being imported died en route to the UK. Isn’t that awful? The majority, like. Gosh.

Deaflympics + Frank Abagnale = Aquired Knowledge

September 12, 2009

23rd of August, 2009
There’s an Olympics for deaf people. It’s called the Deaflympics. I didn’t know that until today. It seems quite pointless to me. There are no athletic sports that require you to be able to hear, are there? There’s no way that deaf people competing against people who aren’t deaf would be unfair on either party, is there? It seems quite discriminative, to be honest. It seems like political correctness has achieved the opposite of the desired effect this time. In an attempt to make it fair for everyone, they’re really just excluding deaf people for no good reason. I’ll have to research the Deaflympics when I get the internet back to see if I’m missing something.
I also learned the amazing story of Frank Abagnale, one of America’s greatest fraudsters today. I watched Catch Me If You Can (and absolutely loved it!) which is about him. He had stolen millions of dollars from US banks by cashing fake cheques, he posed as a doctor and a pilot, he became a lawyer (I think, something in tha range) and all before he was 19 years old. Genius. What a legend. I know he’s a criminal and he stole loads of money, but he never hurt anybody so I don’t think it’s so bad to look up to him… At 17 years of age he used his intelligence to outsmart the United States government. Fucking unreal.

Further editing as of 12/September/09:

Frank Abagnale

James Franco in Scrubs! -drool-

September 11, 2009

22nd of August, 2009
Lighter and simpler than yesterdays Facts of the Day, I found out today that James Franco is going to be in the next season of Scrubs. Yayyy. Love him. It will probably be shite without Zach Braff, though. You were all thinking it.

Auditions, auditions, auditions…

September 11, 2009

21st of August, 2009
Today I went to my first proper acting audition. Well, my first proper audition for anything outside school. Oh Lord. Scariest thing of my life, or so it seemed.
I had a monolague prepared but when I got there I was told that the audition would be one on one improv with the Writer/Director. Shit. I left. I wanted to do it, and I did, but I wanted to put it off as long as I could, so I came back a few hours later with Tracey, after much persuasion, I’ll admit.
So I go in, and they ask me if I have anything prepared and I say no like an idiot because I’m so nervous that I doubt I would be able to remember it properly (what a great little actor I am, eh?). So, he gives me an improv scenario. Shit. Shit shit shit. The director is supposed to be my father and he disapproves of the boy I’m seeing. “Whenever you’re ready,” he says. Shit.
It wasn’t good. I’m not just saying that being modest, either. It really wasn’t. I even insulted my Faux Father’s profession by saying that my boyfriend didn’t need to go to school because he wanted to be a writer. What the fuck? Well done, Nadine, you little fucker, you. I am well aware that at least some education on the subject is required to be a good writer. A little intelligence. As soon as I had said it I was like “Aw, fuck, no…”. It was like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls with her word vomit. Come back, words!
Oh well, I should stop thinking about it because it makes me cringe (I HATE THAT WORD). Did I forget to mention that the director is my friend’s Dad? Yeah, awkward.
Anyway, I’m telling you all this to further prove the point I was trying to make yesterday, because when I left the audition I was thinking “That’s what I was so nervous about?” and, although it was scary being in there, now that I was out I wished I could go in again because I realised it was really nothing. Once it’s over, it’s over. And I wasted my chance of being cast because of being effing scared. I was scared to show them that I was capable of doing the job that I was applying for. Where’s the logic in that? I’m such an idiot. And, to be honest, the whole audition thing was actually very exciting. It was a rush. It was fun. Of course, I didn’t realise this until afterwards, but anyway. I won’t be so nervous next time. I say that now, but when the day comes I’ll probably be shitting bricks. Let’s hope not.
Also, I pretty much secured a part in a play that Tracey and her friend are putting on, which will be fun. I haven’t had a role in a play since 6th class, 4 years ago. Good luck to me. Aw crap, now I’m getting nervous. For fuck’s sake, what’s wrong with me?!

In other, more factual news I learned today that some hospitals are using a wristband barcode system to help avoid human error when giving medication to patients. You flash the barcode with this handheld device that kind of looks like a mobile phone, and it tells you how much the patient is supposed to get, if they’re allergic to anything in the medicine you’re about to give them, etc. Purdy cool.

“Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know.”

September 11, 2009

20th of August, 2009
Today I learned, or it finally registered in my brain after 16 years of ignoring it, that when you’re anxious about something it’s never as bad as you think it will be. It just isn’t. No, I can’t say that. I’m sure things go wrong, but most of the time they go surprisingly smoothly. Why did I suddenly realise this, you ask? I got the MMR today, the vaccination against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. They forced everyone my age to get it again due to a recent outbreak of mumps among people my age. I had the mumps when I was younger – can you even get them twice? Must Google that.
Anyway, everything was fine and dandy on the drive to the clinic and it wasn’t until we were actually inside the building that I started to get those butterflies in my stomach. Run. Do it. You’ve had mumps, they weren’t so bad. Sure yer grand. Run for it. That’s all I was thinking. The annoying thing was that during the school year the nurses had come to our school to vaccinate my year and they gave us a consent form to fill out. Now, if you’re 16 you’re allowed to sign your own consent form. Why would they let us do this? I, of course, did not give my consent to have myself stabbed in the arm in a makeshift Nurses Office in the Home Ec Kitchen (worst place to set it up, no?) by an angry old woman who was in a pissy mood because she had to make her way out to our school for the day. No, thank you.
So anyway, this morning, I thought my legs were going to go from beneath me. I was quite the Nervous Pervis, as they say (they don’t). I walked into the room where the butchering was due to commence, accompanied by my mother of course, and sat down next to the nurse. This nurse was nice, though. That was comforting. So while she was preparing the needle she asked “Are you ready?”. I looked the other way, flinched, and I told her to go for it. All of my energy was being put into scrunching up my face as some sort of pain relief. I was ready for the worst. I was being brave, or pretending to be, at least. I felt like I was taking one for the team, in a sense. The “act confident, be confident” version of my was taking the hit so that the petrified me wouldn’t have to. Something like that anyway. And yes, as cowardly as the flinching face-scrunching me may seem, that was the brave me.
So there I was, and before I had a chance to close my eyes and imagine the worst… it was over. Just like that. I was like “Is that it?”, and then I immediately felt like an eejit.
It seems Bret Dennan has been telling me all along; “Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know”.

Oh hey, as of today I’ve been writing down things I learn everyday for a month. Cool.

MRSA and Oprah. (grr)

September 11, 2009

19th of August, 2009
MRSA kills more people a year than AIDS. I’m not sure if that’s worldwide or in America, but heck’s sake. You think they’d be teaching us more about it if it’s so deadly. My Grandad had it a while ago but I never knew it was potentially fatal. I thought it was like the flu, but it’s not. There are boils and scars and infections galore involved. Sick.
On a different note, Oprah and co. were pronouncing it “Mursa”… It’s MRSA. Em, Ore, Ess, Ay. I don’t pronounce my R’s like Ore, but how else to you write it phonetically? Arrrrghhh.


September 11, 2009

18th of August, 2009
If your feet smell, soak them in jelly. Yes, you read correctly. Jelly. I don’t know anyone who has tried this, but the woman on Ellen said it works so… It sounds really fun, but what a waste of jelly!

Chickens i hart u.

September 11, 2009

17th of August, 2009
Today I learned the conditions in which chickens are processed in Bangkok. Our chickens that we eat for dinner. I adore chicken (chicken kiev, I heart you). It’s really awful, though. It’s not disgusting or unhygenic or anything, it’s just really gruesome. And the workers aren’t treated very well, to say the least. I already knew about workshops and everything, and the conditions, but I never actually saw it. This was a documentary, you see. It really hit home.

I also learned that Lady Gaga was bullied in school, if that counts. (Note to self: find out what the hell Lady Gaga’s real name is.)