Richard Pricey + Wispa Gold

September 18, 2009

5th of September, 2009
The birthday present I want to get for my friend (who’s birthday was on 29th of July – yes, I know, shame on me) costs $20 before delivery. The dollar is kind of weak against the euro, though, so as long as shipping doesn’t cost too much I should be fine. So now I know how much I have to save. It’s a recession, though! I might put it off until Christmas so that it’s like a Birthmas present. You’re probably thinking “What the fuck? It’s going to take you until Christmas to pull $20 together?” Well no, it probably won’t. But just in case… I definitely will get it, though, eventually. She got me a class The Lonely Island t-shirt for my birthday. Oh yeah, we’re obsessed with The Lonely Island. I got their album from my Dad for my birthday, too. It was a good year.
Anyway, the present I’m hoping to get her (please God she doesn’t read this, or the surprise will be ruined!) is the Richard Pryor t-shirt that Jonah Hill wears in Superbad. Whenever we watch it she always comments on how much she loves his t-shirt so she’ll like it. If I have any extra dosh, I’ll get her the Teen Witch DVD, too. Another Lonely Island related inside joke. (If you’re confused, search “Dude-a-tude” on YouTube. God, I love it.
So today’s lesson is Richard Pryor t-shirts are around $20.
OOOH OOOH. I also found out today that there’s such a thing as Caramel Wispas. Or, “Wispa Gold” or whatever it’s called. They’re nice, but possibly a bit too caramelly. I took a bite and ended up with a bit string of caramel halfway down my neck. Attractive? Yes.


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