Deaflympics + Frank Abagnale = Aquired Knowledge

September 12, 2009

23rd of August, 2009
There’s an Olympics for deaf people. It’s called the Deaflympics. I didn’t know that until today. It seems quite pointless to me. There are no athletic sports that require you to be able to hear, are there? There’s no way that deaf people competing against people who aren’t deaf would be unfair on either party, is there? It seems quite discriminative, to be honest. It seems like political correctness has achieved the opposite of the desired effect this time. In an attempt to make it fair for everyone, they’re really just excluding deaf people for no good reason. I’ll have to research the Deaflympics when I get the internet back to see if I’m missing something.
I also learned the amazing story of Frank Abagnale, one of America’s greatest fraudsters today. I watched Catch Me If You Can (and absolutely loved it!) which is about him. He had stolen millions of dollars from US banks by cashing fake cheques, he posed as a doctor and a pilot, he became a lawyer (I think, something in tha range) and all before he was 19 years old. Genius. What a legend. I know he’s a criminal and he stole loads of money, but he never hurt anybody so I don’t think it’s so bad to look up to him… At 17 years of age he used his intelligence to outsmart the United States government. Fucking unreal.

Further editing as of 12/September/09:

Frank Abagnale


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