Will. I. Am., I. Swear.

September 8, 2009

27th of July, 2009
Will. I. Am. is a really, really nice person. Like, really nice.
I was just watching Oprah and saw that he started a scholarship fund called http://www.iamscholarship.com for underpriveledged high school graduates who show potential but can’t afford to pay for college themselves. Isn’t that just the bestest? I mean, it’s not like I thought he was a dick before today or anything. I actually never really knew anything about his personality, and I never put any thought into it either. It’s really inspiring to see someone with such a good heart though. It’s refreshing. We need more people like that. I like to think of myself as selfless, but my actions don’t exactly reflect that. I’m not a tight bitch who doesn’t want to help anyone, trust me, but I’m just lazy, which I hate about myself. I’ll change eventually, I’m going to force myself to. For now though this is the way I am, but I’ll still try to help people and be a good person any way I can! I remember, ever since I was small I always said that if I was ever lucky enough to make lots of money I would give lots to charity and I’d volunteer and stuff. Well, that’s a lie. When I was younger the possibility of maybe not making lots of money never entered my mind, funnily enough! The first thing I remember I wanted to be when I grew up was a fire fighter, too. I just wanted to help people, and I will.


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