Seal the Seal…ion?

September 8, 2009

25th of July, 2009
There’s a difference between seals and sealions, apparently. I don’t know if that’s common knowledge and that maybe I’m just an idiot (and also the last person to find this out) but I never knew. I thought the word ‘seal’ was short for ‘sealion’. Am I stupid? I blame the schools.
The wildlife programme I was watching didn’t say what the differences were (which reinforces my theory that everyone already knows the differences) but they said a seal is like a cat, and a sealion is more like a dog.
My friends and I were at the beach the other day when we saw a seal, which we named Seal the Seal after Seal the Singer. Catchy, I know. Now though, I’m wondering is Seal the Seal is really Seal the Sealion? It doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Further editing as of 8/9/09: Ah, so it’s not Sealion at all. It’s Sea Lion, as in lion of the sea. How clever I am to never have realised that. Anywho, here’s what I found today:
“Pinnipeds, fin-footed marine mammals, are divided into two categories: earless seals (true seals) and eared seals (sea lions). Earless seals like the Northern elephant seal and harbor seal are believed to have descended from a line of terrestrial mammals similar to otters. Eared seals like the California sea lion and the Northern fur seal are believed to have descended from a bear-like mammal. Adaptations like fins for mobility, blubber for warmth and hydrodynamic body shape help both species survive in an aquatic habitat.”

So, they’re both Pinnipeds, but they’re still quite different from eachother… kind of. Interesting. I’m delighted that has finally been cleared up. I was losing sleep.


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