I’m all outta love, I’m so lost without you…

September 8, 2009

26th of July, 2009
Today I learned that my parents were once in love. Perhaps it’s more of a realisation than aquired knowledge. I always thought that they must have at least been attracted to one another back in the early days, and that their marraige wasn’t some sort of cruel dare, but it wasn’t until tonight that I realised that they were in fact once young and in love. Naive, and excited about what life had in store for them. Unfortunately, by the time I came along they had long passed that stage and had moved onto the ever-popular “Stay Together For The Kids” stage, which lasted a good 10-12 years. Fair play.
Anyway, tonight I found tonnes of old photographs, letters and anniversary cards and, to be honest, it was like a Roddy Doyle novel that had been brought to life. When I was reading the early, more thoughtful anniversary cards I just wanted to shout “Get out now before it’s too late!” because, sadly, I know the ending.
My discovery really upset me to the point of tears, and I’m not really sure why. They say you can’t miss what you never had but that doesn’t stop you wondering about what could have been. I felt really sympathetic towards these two young lovers, who seemed like entirely different people than my parents. I could finally see them plainly for what they were. Not my parents, but simply as a couple who had fallen out of love. Reading those letters and cards shocked me, because they really were mad about eachother. Not once did I think to myself “Ew, that’s my Mum and Dad being all sappy” as one would expect. It was quite the opposite. I envy those who are lucky enough to be disgusted by their parents affection towrds one another. It must be nice.

Sorry about getting all heavy on you guys. When I started this project I didn’t expect any emotion to be involved… ever. But there you are.

Another thing I learned today is that in Letters, H.O.L.L.A.N.D. means “Hope our love lasts and never dies” and I.T.A.L.Y. means “I trust and love you”.

Funny, isn’t it?


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