Garland, huh?

September 8, 2009

24th of July, 2009
Every year Catholics (and some people who just want to do it) come from all over the world to make a pilgrimage up a mountain in Ireland called Croagh Patrick, also known as the reek, on Reek Sunday. I learned today that the Friday before Reek Sunday is called Garland Friday, and it’s the day that the locals usually make their way up the mountain to avoid the hecticness (is that a word?) that is all the tourists on their pilgrimages on Reek Sunday. I’ve lived heremy entire life and I never knew that. It pays to read the newspapaer. That’s another thing I learned. I wouldn’t have read the paper (apart from checking cinema times) if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m still television and internet-less. *woe is me*


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